So what's the difference between climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units?

Published on 8/30/2022

Self storage buildings are changing from traditional to modern facilities, meaning they are transitioning from non-climate controlled to climate controlled storage. So what does this mean? Is there a real difference? The simple truth is YES! There is a huge difference between non-climate and climate controlled self storage.

In non-climate controlled facilities, units are exposed to any outside change in weather or environment. With nothing separating your belongings from the outside elements except a thin metal wall, temperatures in non-climate controlled units can vary 20 or more degrees. During the summer months, humidity becomes a significant factor. Hot days lead to afternoon thunderstorms producing high humidity levels. Non-climate controlled units exposed to such conditions tend to trap temperature and humidity inside.

With a combination of hot temperatures and increasing humidity, belongings are at risk for long term damage. Wood furniture begins to lose its varnish and crack at the legs and corners. Leather upholstery dries out and loses luster. Photographs and documents turn yellow and corners start to curl. Sensitive electronic components will begin to corrode. Such damage can be permanent if not caught early.

Another problem to watch for with non-climate controlled units are insect and rodent infestation. Since access doors open directly to the outside, this allows easy access for unwelcome pests to infest unit contents. These pests cause their own special damage to your belongings.

So what is the advantage of a climate controlled self storage unit? It supplies management-controlled temperature and humidity, where the environment mimics optimum household conditions. The benefit behind climate control storage is to store your belongings in the same atmosphere as in your home. In true climate controlled facilities, units are not accessed directly from the outside. Instead, access is controlled through secure entrances, allowing units to be completely climate controlled and where outside conditions cannot invade. State-of-the-art storage facilities maintain temperature between 65-75 degrees year-round and 40-50% humidity, keeping your belongings protected and outside pests at bay.

If you are renting storage space and need climate controlled, be sure to ask these important questions:

Does this facility control temperature and humidity?
Do you provide pest control?
Is access limited to interior access only?
Is unit access recorded by use of multiple security cameras?

Getting the right storage for your belongings is vital to maintaining the quality and lifespan of your treasured items. Before you decide on a self storage facility, make sure your storage facility meets all of your needs and will give you the best value and protection for your money!