Frequently Asked Questions | Absolute Storage Solutions

What is the difference between a climate controlled storage unit and a non-climate controlled unit?
Extra protection for what matters most to you! A temperature controlled storage unit provides valuable protection for anything you store. Metal, wood, leather and plastic left exposed to extreme temperatures can warp and weaken over time.
  • Wood or Leather Furniture: High levels of humidity can cause wood to warp and crack, ruining your wood furniture. Similarly, extreme temperature can cause discoloration and mildew buildup on leather.
  • Appliances: Extreme heat or cold could cause mechanical parts to crack or rust, causing major damage to expensive appliances.
  • Electronics: Extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity are dangerous to your electronics.
  • Clothes: High humidity can cause a buildup of mildew and even mold on clothing if your clothes aren’t kept in the right environment.
Climate-controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature between 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Items that are sensitive to massive temperature swings, like most consumer electronics, would be best suited for a climate-controlled unit.

Do I have to sign a contract?
We proudly offer month-to-month leasing so whether you only need it for a month or much longer, there is no need to sign an additional lease to accommodate a length in your stay. Stay for as long as you will need storage without fear of lengthy commitments. However, you are responsible for choosing a move-out date and informing us on-line in a timely manner to avoid being charged for an additional month’s rent after you have moved out. This is all addressed in our Month-to-Month Lease Agreement which you will receive on-line when renting a unit from us!

Do I have to purchase renter’s insurance, also known as Tenant Protection?
Our facility offers several low-cost options for renter’s insurance, if you are interested in this added protection; however, it is not required. Many homeowner’s insurance policies consider a storage unit to be an extension of your home. But if you are unsure if this is the case with your particular homeowner’s insurance policy…better safe than sorry! Choose one of our inexpensive Tenant Protection options, as it prevents your homeowner’s insurance premiums from going up in the event of a claim.

What kind of lock do I need to use on my storage unit?
A disk lock, or cylinder lock is required for our storage units and can be purchased for $9-$13 on This type of lock provides the greatest level of security.

Is the unit fully enclosed?
Climate controlled storage units are not fully enclosed so as to not obstruct the airflow through the units that make inside, climate controlled units so appealing! There is a sliver of space open on the top of each unit. Each storage unit has its own lock on the door and you hold the only combination!

What kind of security do you provide?
Our facility is monitored by 24/7 video surveillance and is only accessible by entering a personal access code, which you will be issued upon rental of your unit. This allows us to know who comes and goes from the facility and when. Our facility is well lit to ensure the safety of our late night and early morning customers.

What about storing my boat or RV?
Enjoy quick access to Summersville Lake, only 7.5 miles from our facility. Spacious 10' x 30' parking spots on our graveled lot allow for plenty of room to store your boat, RV, trailer, extra vehicle, etc. Gravel lot is not under cover but it is under 24/7 video surveillance.

What can’t I store in my storage unit?
You cannot store perishable items, open food containers, living plants, things that produce a noxious smell, anything flammable or explosive, no firearms or ammunition or anything illegal. And you absolutely cannot live in a storage unit!